22 April 2005, 12:50 by mark hoekstra

how to catch a thief

...being a professor at Berkeley, you could of course try to scare the sh*t out of the thief by explaining the terrifying consequences that will soon befall the student that stole his laptop. (check the links at the bottom for the video/mp3/transcript). But it becomes hilarious rather than effective… But we’ll see, if this very important laptop of this very important professor gets returned…

“I installed the same version of Windows on another computer – within fifteen minutes the people in Redmond Washington were very interested to know why it was that the same version of Windows was being signalled to them from two different computers.”

Well, then you shouldn’t be surprised people are starting to make fun of the whole situation…

torrent-link to the video

link to the MP3 of the lecture

link to a transcript of that lecture


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