11 May 2006, 19:14 by mark hoekstra

dual-core 4GHz on a budget? yes please!

Tom’s Hardware were quite clear in their find.

This particular story borders on being a sensation unmatched in our last eight years of hardware reviews.”

...and then they’re talking of their discovery of a budget-line Intel-CPU turning out to be the King of Overclocking and thereby outperforming every top-of-the-line processor around.

“The bottom line is that the Athlon FX-60 and the Pentium Extreme Edition 965 have both met their match – there’s simply no escaping this conclusion!”

Well, I couldn’t help myself today and had to try to get my hands on this CPU…

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This is Tom’s Hardware’s spec sticker

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...and this is mine:

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...looks like I succeeded in that. *^_^*

The idea behind it is not that hard to comprehend. This Pentium D 805 is the only dual-core CPU with a 533MHz frontsidebus… So, to reach the standard 2.66GHz it needs a high multiplier, 20x (133MHz)... Every dual-core motherboard out there will be capable of running 800FSB CPUs so when you put this CPU on there and set the FSB to 800 instead of 533MHz, you get 20×200MHz = 4000MHz on each core :-) The true beauty is of course, that these Intels seem totally capable of running at that speed. Not saying it will run on every motherboard on that speed, but I’ve got some time now to wait for real-world examples in different forums and decide which motherboard it’ll become.

But… this wasn’t planned and now I really have to make up my mind which symphonies I’m gonna finish cause there’s no way on earth I can finish building everything I want and/or everything from parts I have now… So, the coming few days I’m gonna puzzle what I’m gonna do and what stuff has to go…

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