2 May 2006, 22:46 by mark hoekstra

a little planned downtime

This afternoon I got a call from my host(ingcompany). The question arose if it was alright to put my server down, to be able move it to another rack. Well, I was planning on swapping some memory in there anyways so I offered to drop by and do it myself. On the way to the datacenter it seemed I was about 30 minutes early, so I decided to drop by one of my favourite shops in the meantime, the same shop (which is quite nearby the datacenter) I visited not too long ago also... I guess you can see on the pics what I got in those 30 minutes *^_^*

Anyways, even though I wasn’t too keen on rebooting it from a distance when I was overhauling this site and server, it came up beautifully when I colocated it (within a colocation)... Oh, and that last login on the console, September 24… that was then. It ran ever since… no reboot, no nothing ^_^

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...and I only log in as root on the console on the machine itself! *^_^*
...the command after this was ‘shutdown -h now’

Oh, about the memory, I swapped the 4×512MB PC2100 Reg ECC in there with 2×1GB PC1600 Reg ECC. Those 1GB-modules were a bargain, and I can use those PC2100-modules… for server number 2! (for which I’m collecting parts next to my desk.)

Some more pics:

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