13 April 2006, 00:30 by mark hoekstra

my energybill and a free hat

...that sums up my day… :-)

I got my end-of-year energybill and believe me, normally that is heart-attack material overhere (at one time I got a four figure end-of-year balance and that wasn’t a figure they still needed to pay to me…)

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And then… I also got an envelope from Doom and Dickson, with a free hat! And quite a nice one if I may say so…

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There’s even a Flickr CREATE and CONQUER … and CAPTURED on film – pool ... weee!

with pics in it, like this one…

click to go to this picture (not mine btw) on flickr

Anyways, somehow I can’t seem to find a link on their page right now to get you all such a free hat…

...but I dug up the link I’ve been using and here it is... My guess is, act quick! order yours today! while it lasts! *^_^*

my webserver got past 200 days uptime! (but I’m gonna reboot it any of the coming days anyway…)

shamal ~ # uptime 09:46:34 up 200 days, 16:34, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.02, 0.00

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  1. the unknown lurker @ 13 April 2006, 11:55 :

    Let’s see if I got this right: there’s electricity (Elektriciteit), infrastructure (Netwerkkosten) and taxes (Energiebelasting) which sums up to around 85,-EUR/month, in fact a bit less, since the taxes apply to gas as well. However, that’s quite a lot, about two times my bill. How many kWh did you use?

  2. markie @ 13 April 2006, 13:27 :

    well, you got that quite right… Euhm, about the amount of kWh, somewhere around 5500 … woops ;-)

  3. Tarmas @ 14 April 2006, 10:05 :

    Oh, so you get your elecricity bills once a year? We get those monthly down here.

    Still waiting for my cap. Hope it comes :) BTW the link to the agency is doomANDdickson.nl, not doomNdickson.

  4. markie @ 14 April 2006, 12:09 :

    (updated the link, I don’t know how I got that wrong ;-))

    Anyways, we get monthly bills also, and once a year you have to fill in the exact numbers from the electricity-meter gasmeter etc. and then the difference becomes clear from what they thought you would use and what you have actually used… This year, that difference is only 11 euro and I’m happy with that. (especially compared to the 1000+ euro bill I received a couple of years back…)

  5. Tarmas @ 14 April 2006, 19:42 :

    Oh, is that so. I’m similarily charged for my water usage. Some guys come in and check the gauges. There are different ones (gauges, not guys ;) ) for cold water and hot water. Then we get a bill based on those numbers. For providing water and for heating it up. We pay a certain amount of cash up front, and usually I get a refund… unless my sisters come to visit (twins). Oh, the horror of two females in your bathroom, hope you’ll never have to deal with this nightmare.


    Damn, still waiting for my C&C cap. Although I got a letter from Bill Gates today. With updates to the Windows OS, 98 edition. I wonder, do you get those free of charge too? The CDs with updates and tips.. Crap like that.

  6. ????? @ 19 April 2006, 03:15 :

    what is this? i got sooooooooooo bored reading about your stupid life, this isnt even a life but i recomend you get one GEEK!

  7. ????? @ 19 April 2006, 03:17 :


  8. markie @ 19 April 2006, 03:23 :


    Then you most definately ended up on the wrong page…

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