21 January 2006, 23:32 by mark hoekstra

getting along with the pile

Even though I’d been busy with my router and bridge this week, I knew I had to pull everything loose just one more time with this stack of hardware to choose from… So, here we went… :D

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My router and bridge, I took the freshest looking U1s of the stack, the fans of the PSU didn’t have any dust on them, they both have around 70 powercycles each (according to the OpenBoot Prom). I stacked them full with memory, not really useful at the moment, but well… 256MB each is nice and I’ll see if I can use it somehow…

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Terminaloutput (on my eMate) and the fresh U1s in my closet

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Here you can see my eMate this evening with a very long serial cable to do some adjustments and the stack of good-to-go U1s which will probably be the nodes in my soon-to-build cluster. I moved the two old 143MHz U1s which came out of my closet and one of the U1s of the big pile to my hallway… I guess I’m going to ditch those… no memory, nothing in there…

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And the final setup… with an eMate as emergency terminal :D

For those interested (are there any? ;-))... I will be writing up my experiences with a dual bridge… But my experiences only start now… I’ve been hardware-geeking for a loooong time before I had this setup, but I guess I have a pretty ideal packet filter setup, especially since my router is also running OpenBSD… Although the idea behind the dual bridge is one, that you can put anything in between… I’d like to get my hands on a proper Cisco, but Ciscos with anything near some proper 2006-broadband-throughput is way out-of-my-league budgetwise…

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  1. Ferret Simpson @ 9 February 2006, 22:19 :


As mentioned in the Message from Mark's family this site has been made static. This means that it will be no longer possible to comment on his ideas and projects, but that we all can continue to cherish his creativity.

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