13 January 2006, 14:29 by mark hoekstra

the first webserver - DO NOT POWER DOWN!!

Wikipedia has a nice entry about the world’s first webserver. A machine originally used by Tim Berners-Lee, the granddaddy of the World-Wide Web as we now know it.

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Today, this machine can be found at CERN’s public museum, Microcosm

I’m pleased to see somehow the first webserver is a NeXTcube, a machine based around Motorola’s 68030 CPU at 25MHz. In terms of performance it’s quite similar to my own little home-webserver, a Mac LC475 with a 68040 at 33MHz… and that one’s still running, for over a year now! It goes down quite often, I haven’t solved that yet (bad memory perhaps), but I don’t care that much about the downtime… It’s a fun little machine, still poking around quite happily ;-) You can find it here (please don’t F5 on the page, when you do that a couple of times, it can’t keep up for a while lol!)

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