7 January 2006, 01:24 by mark hoekstra

Sun's 1994 StarFire project/video

Through Chandan’s blog (which I found because of this excellent concept) I came across Sun’s Starfire project, A Vision of Future Computing from 1994.

Sun Microsystem’s Starfire project drew together the talents of more than 100 engineers, designers, futurists, and filmakers in an effort to both predict and guide the future of computing.

One of the things that came out of this was:

Starfire, the Movie, showing a day in the life of a knowledge worker in the year 2004.

I just watched the film (which you can download here (231 MB)) and it’s a nice view from the past into the future ;-)

Just look how happy this woman gets, when she uses SUN hardware all day…


Anyways, I can recommend the film. It also reminds me I still should put some time into Looking Glass, for no reason I never dove into that somehow… so, that’s back on the list!

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