4 January 2006, 22:12 by mark hoekstra

started working for BRIGHT

A couple of days ago, I started blogging for BRIGHT (in Dutch btw)

BRIGHT is a Dutch magazine, devoted to tech/life/style, with a website to match. Next to the blogging, I’m busy with all kinds of things for their magazine, but more on that later :-) I’m pleased and quite flattered by the fact I started working for them, this is going to be fun! ;-)

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  1. the unknown lurker @ 5 January 2006, 06:54 :

    Let’s see… you have a day job, you spend hours mastering the stuff around you, you’re part of the nieuwe garde, there are friends like nijne, so you obviously have some kind of social life, too – and now you’re also a writer. Do you actually sleep sometimes?

    Sorry, no comment on your articles. Although I understand single words or sentences I can’t really read Dutch.

  2. mark @ 5 January 2006, 10:59 :

    Ha, well, it’s especially the friendship with nijne which takes a lot of time :D

    (just kidding) To be honest, I am busy most part of the day but somehow I like it for now. When I’m done with my dayjob it doesn’t feel like work to geek around all evening/night… I even prefer it instead of watching TV for instance (which I hardly do lately). Next to that, my day-job is part-time and the work for BRIGHT is also for a big part geeking around, so although it will consume quite some hours (already does) it doesn’t feel like work.

    >Do you actually sleep sometimes?

    Well, looking at the time you commented, maybe I better can ask you that question… ;-)

  3. the unknown lurker @ 5 January 2006, 16:43 :

    Okay, “part-time day-job”, I see… no need to explain to me that geeking around is fun (there’s a whole batch of computers in my flat, but no TV), but having a full-time day-job (8am-6pm, yuck, but at least I’ve got a job) doesn’t leave much time to master the stuff around me, so I was just wondering.

    (btw, I’m on holidays right now, so I can go to bed at 7 in the morning instead of getting up, which I consider unhealthy for geeks)

  4. BOK @ 9 January 2006, 21:50 :

    Ah, a familiar name from my hometown is going to write for a magazine that I just bought! ;-) I’m looking forward to the next issue. Will you be appearing in Bright 07?

    Veel succes!

  5. mark @ 9 January 2006, 22:50 :

    thanks!, my first ‘project’ will be appearing in Bright No.7 (in stores on feb.9) (look for the section ‘Nerd Alert’ hahaha!)


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