2 January 2006, 23:20 by mark hoekstra

and then some... Japanese?

Well, first of all, let’s all have a marvelous 2006, shall we? :D

I’m not sure what it’s gonna bring of course, but somehow I’m enjoying myself quite well lately and I will be (more than) fine when that keeps on going… so there…

And what about some good plans for this year? How about learning some Japanese?

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RPG style? It only runs on Windows, so in my case that meant I had to install it on my Media Center (called praystation) but maybe that turns out to be quite convenient… I hardly watch any television lately, so when I want to wind down(weeeeee!), maybe I could start to learn some Japanese while I’m at it…

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...somehow that seems like a more solid plan to do than to play Hello Kitty Roller Rescue on there… :D

...and who knows, one day I could actually read what was on Engadget Japanese a couple of days ago… :-)

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some more links for Learning Japanese


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  1. nijne @ 3 January 2006, 10:24 :

    OH EM GE YES! hello kitty rollercoaster rescue!

    i SOOOOOO need that game (*˚-ˇ*)

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