26 December 2005, 01:48 by mark hoekstra

23/6 Mobile PC

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23/6 Mobile PC
Fujitsu, Japan, 2005
Design Concept

The 23/6 Mobile PC accomodates our needs for always-on wireless connectivity, information access, processing power, entertainment, flexibility and mobility. The 23/6 Mobile PC is not meant as a ‘workhorse’ mobile device, such as a traditional laptop, it nevertheless handles standard professional applications comfortably, all in a footprint slightly bigger than a CD-case, with a 7” OLED screen and a 16mm pitch folding keyboard with integrated trackpad and it includes a standard DVD drive.

Somehow I think it’s nice to see this awesome design concept by Antenna is made for Fujitsu, cause Fujitsu Personal Systems once purchased Poqet PC, from two posts down (and this Fujitsu Personal Systems at a later time merged with the Fujitsu PC Corporation)

About Antenna

Antenna’s mission is to make the experience of technologically enhanced objects and environments more meaningful and exciting. ... Antenna’s user-centered design approach, incorporating rapid prototyping and user involvement, helps understand human behaviour, which is particularly important when designing the unfamiliar, elicited by new technology.


Don’t forget to check out the other awesome work by Antenna, like the many things they did for the City of New York and Bloomberg


BTW, I can’t link directly to Antenna’s products/prototypes/work (since it’s all in Flash), so you’ll have to go and find the stuff yourself (but it’s a nice trip…)

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