21 December 2005, 01:39 by mark hoekstra

multiple 600MHz SGI O2 transplant-operation

It’s been a while since I posted anything SGI-related, and I really didn’t suspect there was going to be news from SGI themselves… but there is news from the SGI hobbyists…

My dear friend Roberto updated me on the terrific news the upgrade on his O2 has been succesful. His transplant was one of seven of these transplants simultaneously over at the the SGI O2 to 600+ MHz CPU Upgrade Site

This needs a little explanation… Originally, the O2 came in versions of up to 400MHz… Only in 2003, there was a thread on the forums of nekochan.net by Chicago Joe of a succesful upgrade/transplant, making it a 600MHz O2! This was (and actually still is imho) an unheard of upgrade, especially when you consider it’s done by enthusiasts instead of the original company. But well… about the SGI hobbyists, Wired was already right a while ago ‘Mac users may form a cult, but the SGI community is the tech equivalent of the pre-Reformation Moravian church—unknown, tiny and years ahead of its time.’ :D

Anyways, back to the subject…

The whole process involves changing the CPU with one which never was meant to go into the O2 at all…

If you’re in for some hardware pr0n, check this out…

7 transplanted O2-CPU-boards… yummy :D

SGI O2 CPU Modules Gallery

...and follow the whole process of this mega-transplant-operation over at the news-section of the the SGI O2 to 600+ MHz CPU Upgrade Site!

Upgrading an O2 to 600MHz (and beyond!) (futuretech.blinkenlights.nl)

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