18 December 2005, 15:22 by mark hoekstra

old skool weekend part 2

Well, about a month ago I had this old skool weekend, playing around with all kinds of obsolete hardware I had laying around (and most of it, I still use on a daily base)...

I don’t know what the main attraction is here, but somehow old exotic hardware somehow keeps having this ring to it… and as long as I can find some proper use for it, I’ll be using it with lots of pleasure. (And to be honest… when I open my closet, I’d rather see a Sun Ultra than some brandless craprouter, although with todays prices, the latter will be the more expensive one… strange but true)

So… I bid on a lot of 2 Sun Ultra’s and I picked them up last friday :-)

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...picking up some old Suns

And this weekend I’m playing around with this old gear… actually I’m busy with a new project… it’ll be a long-term one. I had a Sun Ultra 1 as a transparent bridge/firewall for about a year… only downpoint was that it was in between the router and the cable-modem and that way, all the traffic had one IP-number… once the traffic is past my router, it has all the internal IP-numbers and somehow I want to control the traffic on that side of my router too… So plans grew to build a dual transparant bridge and that’s where this Ultra 2 comes in… I already did some testing on my old Ultra 1…

I’ve got an image of that here

...but when I came across this lot on an auctionsite, it somehow seemed so fitting… upgrading a single transparent bridge on a single Sun Ultra into a dual transparent bridge on a dual Sun Ultra (this really is the most stoopid reason on the planet, but still ;-))

blinking leds obsession (some old musings on my transparent bridge)

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  1. Tarmas @ 19 December 2005, 19:56 :

    Nice one. I want to get a Sun workstation myself because I need something to acompany that Sun “Go home already” mug that I have standing so lonely on my shelf. I’ll be trying to get a SPARCstation 20 at our online auctions in a couple of days. See, these things are pretty rare down here and they go for sick amounts of cash.

    It’s funny, because my rather big Macintosh collection started out not with a computer, but an Apple coffee mug :)

    Anyways, I enjoy your retro posts the most. More are welcome.

    Cheers Mark!

As mentioned in the Message from Mark's family this site has been made static. This means that it will be no longer possible to comment on his ideas and projects, but that we all can continue to cherish his creativity.

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