15 December 2005, 23:31 by mark hoekstra

nixie tubes forever!

David Forbes makes the most awesome stuff with Nixie-tubes and related stuff…

Like this current wristwatch…

click to go to cathodecorner

...and a model he made before

click to go to the nixie tube wristwatch page

...and this is an oscilloscope-based clock he made… boy… is this beautiful or what? :-)

click to enlarge

It says ‘The builder currently has a prototype oscilloscope pocket watch’(!!!!)

Maker of the day – David Forbes, Nixie-display clocks and wristwatch


Science Meets Style In This Cathode Tube Watch (/.)

more on Nixie-tubes:

Nixie & Dekatron Tubes

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  1. nijne @ 16 December 2005, 01:56 :

    w3rd :D:D:D

  2. Sven @ 16 December 2005, 02:23 :

    This blog sadly gets worse day by day. A few month back back there were IDEAS, that were interesting… but nowadays: I can read sucking WIRED! Sorry, but forget your idea of being being upfront (what you can never achieve)- be yourself, post once or twice a week with GOOD ideas of your OWN…

  3. mark @ 16 December 2005, 02:54 :

    Hi Sven,

    Somehow I feel you want me to react on this, well, here we go. Especially this whole blog-thing has been an experiment from day one and will be forever I guess… In other words, there's no formula for this thing, I'm just posting what I like. If you liked it better before, too bad, this is (and continues to be) a personal page and not some professional/commercial set-up site with a thought-out plan.

    I’m delighted this site has been growing the last couple of months and I started some banners and such to see if I can get some back from the hostingcosts I have to make, but that’s about it…

    >forget your idea of being being upfront

    Euh? this is just my site and I post what I please… that’s all, nothing more, nothing less…

    ...and about my ideas, I'm glad you like(d) them, really... my projects will stay as they are, at least, that's what I'm trying to do ;-)

  4. Simmon @ 16 October 2008, 23:41 :

    I want to make a retro clock with Nixie Tubes. It will be soon on ARM & AVR Projects

    Take care!

  5. emmo @ 10 April 2010, 02:20 :

    Hey, nevermind that other guy – your site rocks!! Original and interesting.
    I love it.

As mentioned in the Message from Mark's family this site has been made static. This means that it will be no longer possible to comment on his ideas and projects, but that we all can continue to cherish his creativity.

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