14 December 2005, 22:59 by mark hoekstra

I don't want a Nano, gimme a mini

According to TUAW:

“Not only are these old school iPods selling well at the online auction site, but they are selling for well above their original $199 price tag. Crazy? Yes. Crazier? The fact that people are paying more for an iPod mini than a brand new iPod nano would set them back.”

Huh? this surprises me… Is this true?

I’ve got a scratchless(!) golden(!) iPod-mini… I guess I’d trade it for a black 4GB nano a 5G iPod for sure! (I’m willing to pay some to make that happen)... :D yeah yeah, dream on, I know ;-)

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  1. nijne @ 15 December 2005, 03:06 :

    OMG can i get a pink one?! :D

  2. Peterson @ 26 January 2006, 01:17 :

    ok ill trade you my green ipod mini for a nano

  3. markie @ 26 January 2006, 01:25 :

    well… I meant I was willing to trade my mini for a nano, not the other way around… (not that I think that’ll happen, but still)

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