13 December 2005, 21:27 by mark hoekstra

Half-Real: Video Games between Real Rules...

Half-Real : Video Games between Real Rules and Fictional Worlds

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“The Half-Real of the title refers to the fact that video games are two rather different things at the same time: video games are real in that they are made of real rules that players actually interact with; that winning or losing a game is a real event. However, when winning a game by slaying a dragon, the dragon is not a real dragon, but a fictional one. To play a video game is therefore to interact with real rules while imagining a fictional world and a video game is a set of rules as well a fictional world.”

Jesper Juul’s own blogpost about the book (the ludologist)

Well, this looks mighty interesting… :-) I don’t know what it is about games though, I hardly play them, but everything around it, being the hardware or anything else, captures my interest somehow…


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  1. Jon @ 14 December 2005, 04:31 :

    Wow. It seems you’ve got the same stance on games as I do. I like game systems, game theory, etc., but I almost never play any. Player motivations, varying attitudes in response to the same outcomes…

  2. mark @ 14 December 2005, 23:08 :

    Oh, well, nice to hear. I somehow thought I was the only one… :D

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