4 December 2005, 13:38 by mark hoekstra

Depth-of-Field machine

Now this is a pretty interesting device…

click to go to the DOF machine website

DOF is simply said a distance range in which the objects appears to be in focus. Large DOF means that area is larger and more of the scene will appear in focus, shallow DOF means the range will be smaller and objects closer or further will appear blurred.

You all know the effect, some parts are in focus and some aren’t… And somehow we interpret this as a cinematic effect, since we all saw it in the movies :D … So, we want that on our home videos too, now don’t we? Well, that’s where this machine comes in, it solves the depth-of-field of CCD-cameras by projecting it to a surface (roughly the size of a 35mm film) and using your video-camera to capture that…

some examples

click to go to the DOF machine website

...and of course, the building process looks like fun too!

DOF machine website


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