28 November 2005, 19:01 by mark hoekstra

panogames.com, panoramic screenshots from games

Well, I already blogged about the HL2 striders and the Quake IV panoramashots before, but now it seems the guys from VRmag have started a dedicated website for all these beautiful shots :-)


So if it’s Call of Duty II (these ones are fresh!)

click image to view the panoscreens

Half-Life 2

click image to view the panoscreens

or Quake IV

click image to view the panoscreens

...you’re looking for in all panoramic beauty, go visit panogames.com

There are panoramic shots of much more games too…

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  1. Callum @ 6 December 2005, 01:01 :

    I’m a huge HL2 fan, thanks for sharing… I always thought it’d be fun to try… On the same idea blurring that real-world / game line; I think you’ll like: http://www.flickr.com/photos/callumalden/16476838/

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