11 April 2005, 19:44 by mark hoekstra

How to get two Apple 30" on your PC...

Well, only with the right equipment of course (with a dual dual-DVI-card to be exact, yes, that’s two times dual)... But take a look at the result… the smaller screen you see is a 20” Eizo

This guy runs a 5120×1600 desktop…

a pity he runs windows though… how big do you want that blue screen to be? (yes, that’s a lame joke, I know… but I couldn’t resist! ;-))

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  1. mr Freeze @ 14 April 2005, 11:56 :

    Damn! I’ll have to change my pants now and clean my ceiling.
    Always thought I was doning fine with my Syncmaster 213, but this looks like heaven.

  2. kyle @ 1 November 2005, 23:52 :

    kyle want.

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