4 April 2005, 22:43 by mark hoekstra

ripping with itunes

Well, my MP3-collection got stale anyway… but then again, I lost them… all ;-( (Due to a month old harddrive which decided to retire very quickly). (and since I copied them all to a brand new harddrive I thought I could live without a backup for a while… don’t ever think that)

Sooooo, it’s a coincedence I installed itunes just a day before, which made me think (and discover) that ID3-tags and such can be handy and ripping with itunes is a breeze, really. (My MP3-collection was far from consistent, some with ID3-tags some without, different bitrates and such…). I must say itunes is one nice interface to a massive MP3-collection(even without an ipod, like me), I don’t like the interface of Windows Media Center one bit to MP3’s (it’s brilliant for watching TV though) so why don’t they make an itunes-interface/plugin for Media Center? Or do the people over at MS really think people with ipods are going to synchronize that with WMP10? (I don’t know if it’s even possible but I’m sure they thought of that.)

Anyway, maybe there’s a bigger plan here, cause would I rip all my CD’s again if I still had them as MP3-files? Don’t think so… (I’m an optimist, aren’t I?) ...in the end, all will be better… :-)

and here’s another one.

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  1. the unknown lurker @ 5 April 2005, 00:35 :

    I converted all my CDs to MP3 about two years ago. The process works only partially automatic as there’s always some error to be corrected in the tracknames, a nice cover.jpg to be either found or scanned, etc. However, the result proved to be handy. When I later moved to a small flat I left all CDs at my parents’ house. Just dragging and dropping batches of albums to WinAMP or XMMS is so much more comfortable.

    Last time I visited my parents I was a bit in a hurry when I left my flat and there was no time to copy some MP3s to a DVD-RW. So I spent the whole weekend without listening to any music when on sunday evening I suddenly realized: hey, all my CDs and my trusty Denon are still here, why didn’t I think of that?!

    I had got so used to listening to MP3s that I totally forgot how music was listened to in the last century :-) Luckily I’ll never seem to forget some goodies I have on vinyl only and the fact that my record player is broken :-(

    Anyways… good luck ripping all your CDs (again)! It may not be fun, but in the end all will be better definitely.

  2. Rutger @ 5 April 2005, 16:22 :


  3. dr doodle @ 10 March 2008, 02:50 :


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