1 April 2005, 18:56 by mark hoekstra

Mac Mini & PSP... watch them!

I have posted before that, imho, this column of Robert X. Cringely (which is an excellent read) contains a lot of things that can become reality, and will, if you ask me…

So, today, this comes around:

Sony wants an ‘iTunes for movies’(BBC News)

So, again, mark my words… Sony & Apple are up to something, something big… (and I don’t mind at all) :-)

They do make an excellent couple, now don’t they? Just add a big-ass TV (preferably Sony, I guess) to connect to your Mac Mini and a proper download-service for your movies and tada!

In that column Robert also writes “And the proprietary content will be video encoded in AVC H.264, which will be supported first in OS X 10.4, promised for the second quarter of this year. So Apple can’t announce that it is in the movie distribution business until 10.4 (code-named Tiger) is available.”

Well, what can we read at appleinsider.com?

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger build declared gold master

...and about that H.264, that is the constant factor in both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD... but it seems this hush-hush Apple/Sony-thing will be hitting the market (remember, the hardware is already on the market now ) before there’s a standard in discs… how about that? :-)

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