19 November 2005, 00:26 by mark hoekstra

Compact Macs are still brilliant...

This sounds like a joke…

There’s a guy coming into an Apple Store with his 1989 Mac SE asking for an upgrade…

(if it would’ve been me who was asked for advice, I probably would’ve adviced him to upgrade to the maximum of 4MB memory and maybe a larger harddrive, a 40MB harddrive is a little cramped for nowadays use…(and 16 years of banking-history)) ;-)

I mean, there’s so much to say for a machine that has worked (probably flawlessly) for 16 years… And we all only could wish everything made since (by other companies) was as brilliant as system six on a Compact Mac... *sigh*

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Anyways, this was all over the news today...

...which led the people over at tuaw.com to ask what the oldest functioning mac is, you own...

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In my case, it’s this 1991 Mac Classic II and this pic is taken tonight and no, I didn’t take it out of my closet for nothing… it’s getting used pretty well this weekend, for my current project…

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...of which I’ll update you probably later this weekend. The above screenshot is from the Classic II and gives you a slight insight in what I’m working on… I’ll keep you posted :-)

other old Macs in working order I own:
Quadra 800 running A/UX
LC475 running NetBSD (that link is served to you from that very Mac, no less…)

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  1. Tyler @ 1 December 2006, 09:12 :

    What terminal program are you using on that Classic II? I was trying to get Zterm on my Classic, but I eventually got Kermit running.

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