17 November 2005, 01:58 by mark hoekstra

How to build your own small wardriver box!

This is actually what I am thinking of… I now have an old iBook with a Belkin F5D7050 USB-WLAN-dongle, which has worked great for me on the EuroOSCON but somehow I miss out on quite some possibilities or things I want to experiment with… So a little box which I can put in my laptopbag as well would be great…

click to go to wardriving.ch

How to build your own small wardriver box!

BTW, I see the last time they updated their site is just before WhatTheHack... Hmmz, now I know they were selling Soekris-hardware in the tent I was staying and I also was introduced with the idea of using these boxes as wardriving-boxes (not sure if those were the same guys though)... Anyways, I guess I’m gonna experiment with OpenBSD on the iBook itself first and after that, a dedicated OpenBSD-box in my bag sounds very tempting :-)


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  1. maros @ 17 November 2005, 17:55 :

    Great idea. I’d like to see some embeded system in your’s stuff :)

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