11 November 2005, 17:01 by mark hoekstra

OSx86 on a quad Xeon?

This seems to be posted anonymously already a month ago at MacBidouille/HardMac but I came across it just today…

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...and no, I’m not making the mistake of misinterpreting 2 hyperthreading CPU’s as being 4 CPU’s… On the CPU-monitor you see 8 CPU’s, so that makes 4 hyperthreading CPU’s a.k.a. a quad Xeon :-)

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this probably means there has been a succesful attempt on getting a Darwin-kernel with Xeon-support… Now all I want to know is, where can I get it? Or how can I compile my own? :-) My temporary OSx86-box(without a box) is leaving my house any moment now and I’d love to continue doing some testing on my dual-Xeon workstation and if it all works fine I’ll even trade my SSE2 Xeons for some EM64T SSE3-ones if that’s what it takes (it’s always nice to find a reason to upgrade) :-)

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