4 November 2005, 13:32 by mark hoekstra

Introducing...the iPod VR!

Phillip Torrone of MAKE decided to hook up two different pairs of VR-glasses to his iPod-video (or iPod with video-capabilities or G5, you know the one), for the more convenient viewing experience :-) Which isn’t such a bad idea, or would you like to hold an iPod in front of your face for two hours, watching some videos? On the other hand, you do need to train your cool face, cause you gotta look cool wearing these glasses of course (...and what are you looking at?...) :-)

clicking brings you to the MAKE-post

clicking brings you to the MAKE-post

I’m pretty sure Phil will get one of these PSP-stereo-viewers , if he manages to get his hands on it (but he manages to get the weirdest stuff out there, so why wouldn’t he?)

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  1. Qiu @ 5 November 2005, 20:01 :

    I wonder how heavy is your big and ipod video will last only 2 hrs…

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