1 November 2005, 01:39 by mark hoekstra

software update blues

Sometimes, things happen that are just, I don’t know, bound to happen or such… like synchronous cross platform software updates…

Tonight my media center started bugging me that my evaluation period had ended and that it would self-destruct in 1 hour (or such, didn’t read it very carefully)... hmmmz… (I’m entitled to use the evaluation version btw)... well, somewhere in my mailbox I do have some mails concerning major updates for windows MCE2005, so… a very good reason to start a fresh install, don’t you think? So I did…

While I was installing I surfed a little on my ibook on my kitchentable (lately, that’s where all the action is…) and guess what I came across?

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OS X 10.4.3. is available for download! yay!

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So here you have ‘m both… my ibook downloading the 10.4.3-update and in the background you can see the tiny screen of my media center, downloading 40(!) updates…

So, how did this exciting story end?


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...after first hanging(!) at trying to install one of the 40 updates (and again and again and…) it eventually ended in this… I mean, come on! I didn’t install anything on that box yet… a fresh install and some updates…

and the 2nd time it did it again… a complete fresh install and only installing the recommended 29 security-updates… boom! kernel32.dll-issue… no way around it, not even in safe mode… (and which genius came up with ‘automatic restart on system failure’? OMFG)

well.. luckily at my kitchentable things started to look better…

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tada! ;-) (and yes, that’s an old ibook, but it still goes like stonk!)

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  1. Rutger @ 6 November 2005, 23:45 :

    And is Media Center up and running again???

  2. mark @ 7 November 2005, 01:07 :

    Yes indeed it is… I went completely wrong with these way-too-old beta-test-images I still had laying around, but with the original disks I used before, it all went well… I also installed the roll-up, the latest ATI-driver, NVDVD and it all works well now. Only ‘trick’ I had to pull, was getting the .NET-framework-download separately and install it that way (with a dialogue) instead of through Windows Update(cause it would hang that way). Oh, and I didn’t install the security-updates because of the blue screen (in the pics, it still does that… tsss…), so I only installed the optional stuff in Windows Update… So, hopefully the last MCE-install before there’s a true successor running on anything but windows…

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