25 October 2005, 13:38 by mark hoekstra

how much is your blog worth?

We here at Technorati think that all your blogs are priceless. But when Weblogs Inc. was bought by AOL a few weeks ago, Tristan Louis did the math. He figured out how much each blog in the Weblogs Inc. stable was worth, based on their Technorati rank.

Inspired, Dane Carlson whipped up a handy little calculator with the Technorati API. Just enter your blog URL to see how much it’s “worth” using the Weblogs/AOL math. Give it a try!

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Your blog, geektechnique.org, is worth $33,307.86

My blog is worth $33,307.86.
How much is your blog worth?

I mean like, WTF? :-) That’s even more than Engadget! (euhm, the Simplified Chinese-version that is…) according to this calculation

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