17 October 2005, 14:14 by mark hoekstra

EuroOSCON, we're off!

Ha! I’m arrived at the EuroOSCON early this morning and enjoying myself. Totally to my surprise, my Belkin F5D7050 started to work, while I couldn’t get it to work at home, for some reason… (that’s also how I’m able to post this :-))

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...they said hands on tutorial... well, I guess this is pretty much hands on! man! I need to work out here! ;-)

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...a quick break and here you also see the winner of the day, the Belkin-stick that all of sudden works like a dream! yay! (better yet, on a ‘normal’ airport enabled ibook you see only one network, OSCON, and then you have to pray if it works or not… I see every separate AP, so if one doesn’t work, another one does…)

Oh, and this is the location, The Krasnapolsky Hotel situated at the Dam Square (recognizable by that well, euhm, recognizable statue…). Anyways, you can’t get much closer to the center of Amsterdam (since the Dam Square pretty much is the center of Amsterdam…)

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So… it all looks like it’s going to be a splendid week, fun people, nice subjects and of course, the Maker Faire on wednesday :-)

I’ll keep you posted! ;-)

(I’ll be putting pics in the EuroOSCON gallery whenever I find the time & connectivity somewhere ;-))

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