2 October 2005, 02:16 by mark hoekstra

Quake IV will be released for Linux

Timothee ‘TTimo’ Besset from id Software confirmed officially that the next sequel of the Quake series, Quake IV will be released for the Linux platform.
The dedicated server will be released around the same time as the Windows version. The linux client, might be delayed a week or two. Quake4 will use the Simple Direct Media Layer (SDL) backend for input and OpenGL on Linux. The low level sys code for Linux had been needing a good rewrite for several years, so it made sense to use SDL now.

read it on: linux-gamers.net


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  1. Prem YPI @ 16 April 2009, 13:38 :

    This is awesome.. but will the quality be same as of Quake IV in windows? I fear some graphic lathargy!

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