25 September 2005, 13:37 by mark hoekstra

the annoying thing

It seems the annoying thing is the original name of the Crazy Frog, so there’s no misunderstanding it’s annoying and meant to be…

But it’s not only the ringtone itself that’s annoying I guess, but also the practices on how they try to sell this thing (and others)... This really is TV-spam, annoying the sh*t out of everybody, but somehow there are still people buying this crap (probably youngsters) and after your mistake of ordering one such a ringtone, they give you a hard time getting rid of your ‘subscription’... these are mob-practices for sure…

But it starts to look like there’s change ahead…

Jamster gets slammed in UK ruling
Jamster gets sued for false advertising
Jamster slammed for mobile selling practices

Somehow I really don’t get the networks airing these commercials… sure, it’ll be a money-thing, but I, for instance have reduced my time watching MTV enormously… Simply because after about 30 minutes to an hour I’m totally fed up with these Jamba/Jamster commercials… So… It’ll be easy money for MTV (in this case), but they lost me as a viewer for a great deal, and I get the impression I’m not the only one

...and what does MTV do?

MTV Networks International and Jamster! to Jointly Invest in Mobile Entertainment Research Internationally


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