10 September 2005, 04:15 by mark hoekstra

This is getting funnier everyday...

...or how I stopped worrying and started loving the downfall of MS

Vista hardware-requirements

Do they really really think they can still play an arrogant game by making ludicrous hardware-requirements for their OS nobody is waiting for?...

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Just a little bit on how high on crack they actually are…

“If you have 128MB that’s good, if you have 256MB that’s better, but I expect that video card memory will go up a lot when Longhorn is released.” (yes… that’s videomemory they’re talking about)

“In Longhorn we are switching from drawing bitmap graphics – dots – to vector graphics – lines and shapes. Rather than painting these bits on the screen, we are now asking the GPU to paint a circle. That means you can scale pictures up and down to an infinite degree and they won’t go furry on you.”

ding dong?

SGI’s IRIX had vectorized icons in the mid-nineties, do you really think they did that on 256MB videocards? Think again…

“no current TFT monitor out there is going to support high definition playback in Vista.”

“It’s up to you [the users] to say, ‘Where’s my HDCP?’”

(do I hear someone snicker?)

Well, this kind of behaviour figures in a way that Steve Ballmer wants to f**kin’ kill Google instead of being confident enough just competing with them and MS is trying to hire Eric S. Raymond... I’d say they lost it… for good… and I couldn’t care less… :-)

So, bottom-line? ignore Vista! it’s MS’s Edsel.

For instance, on winsupersite.com they don’t get too enthusiastic about Vista Beta 1 when compared to Tiger... Now I’m sure they tried to be as hyped up about it as they could, but they probably simply couldn’t… :-)

If you want everything Vista promises to be, already this Christmas instead of next year’s (if they even make it on time)... I’d suggest you go out and get yourself a dual-G5, which all of a sudden, with these kind of hardware-requirements for Vista, becomes a viable investment again even though Intel-Macs are coming this way.

By the way, don’t get me wrong here, I love new hardware (I sell it everyday), but what better way to celebrate your new hardware than some software that takes full advantage of it? Vista most definitely isn’t that software, so forget it, MS lost it, period smile

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