4 August 2005, 19:32 by mark hoekstra

old Macs never die...

Yesterday I was wondering why my old Mac LC475 was getting soooooo many visitors… it seemed as if it got about 300 visitors in one day!

You have to put this a little bit into perspective, normally the beautiful LC475 gets around 2-3 visitors a day, but then again, it hardly draws any energy.

click the picture to get a larger version

It seemed there has been a mentioning on MacInTouch of the 68K Macintosh Webserver Directory on which my LC475 is also linked…

It’ll probably the reason half of the 68K-webservers is down at the moment (or not responding fast enough with soooo much traffic coming at them ;-) )

Anyway, my LC (named Elsie ;-)) still humms away pretty nicely…

old Macs never die!

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  1. Tarmas @ 5 August 2005, 22:18 :

    Well, it takes ages for Elsie to load the page right now, but at least it’s (she’s?) still up and running, not like the other servers listed at the 68k Webserver Dir :)

    And you’re right. 68k Macs rock! I’m personaly trying to resurrect my original PowerBook 100 and turn it into a webserver. I still need to find a speaker replacement, because some wise bitch decided to snap the cables off and remove it. And I need to get a power adapter, but I think I already found a good one that will do the job. This will be almost as cool as the floppy based Mac Plus server project.

  2. Tyler @ 22 December 2006, 02:49 :

    Why do you need the speaker if its going to be a server?

  3. markie @ 22 December 2006, 14:16 :

    >Why do you need the speaker if its going to be a server?

    Well, because it’s there… Why take it away? Next to that, sometimes I have to reboot her and if I hear the startup-chime, that’s a good sign she’s booting happily away… (it takes a couple of minutes after that before she starts serving pages though)

  4. Tyler @ 23 December 2006, 08:55 :

    Well, yeah, if its there, no need to take it away. I meant, though, that Tarmas doesn’t really need to put extra effort into getting a speaker for a server. ; )

  5. PeterU @ 23 December 2006, 13:08 :

    Just enjoying the idea of 68k web servers! Remembering when I shared an office with a z80 4mhz (!) BBS. Tiki-100, 64 k ram, 2×800 k diskette stations. Those were the days…
    Snoepwinkel to you all!

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