2 August 2005, 14:33 by mark hoekstra

some wonderful jazz

I just downloaded this and playing it at this moment, but put it on repeat since it’s one wonderful jazz-record (well, part of it):

Ascenseur pour l’échafaud

click the picture to go to the post on Flickhead

These are only 10 of the 26 tracks on this soundtrack by Miles Davis. Let’s see if I can get my hands on the original (this on vinyl would be great!).

as you may notice, I am still in a very relaxed mood, even two days after WTH, did I already mention it’s been great? ;-)


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  1. folkert @ 2 August 2005, 15:29 :

    I have the CD! It’s not vinyl, but it’s still great music! You can lend it, if you like.. :-)

  2. mark @ 2 August 2005, 16:37 :

    Oeh! that would be great :-)

  3. e-Idole @ 3 August 2005, 23:38 :

    Ascenseur pour l’échafaud :)
    Three french words on your blog !! Eheh ;)

    I’m agree with you, the soundtrack is excellent.
    And the movie is not so bad also, even if it is very old :)

  4. mark @ 4 August 2005, 01:21 :

    >Three french words on your blog !! Eheh ;)

    Haha, well, I also do have the ‘sections’ ecoutez & regardez with my current favourite music & movie… (if that’s not correct French, could you please tell me what is?)

  5. e-Idole @ 4 August 2005, 05:31 :

    You’re right !
    ”écoutez” and “regardez” are two others french words :)

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