1 August 2005, 02:17 by mark hoekstra

WhatTheHack! It's been brilliant!

I’m back home! in one piece, officially broke but totally satisfied :-)

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What a great days it have been. I met wonderful people, saw very interesting lectures and had a whole bunch of good fun, my traintrip back was a breeze, just listening to my iPod and overthinking the last couple of days with a big smile on my face…

on the picture you see (not even) all of the stuff I got/bought on WhatTheHack (or already had, like the hat and ibook), from left to right(and top to bottom), a Chaos Computer Club-sweater, two OpenBSD-t-shirts, my own personalized t-shirt and on the bottom, my red spa-bottle I continuously filled with non-drinkable water, the official program, my hardcopy of Phrack-magazine(yeeeeeee!), my hat&armband and my modded ibook(which survived it all!) and in front of the Phrack-magazine, the money I have left, 8 euros and 85 cents :-) The money I spent has been worth every penny at least triple.

BTW, all the hardware I brought, survived!. It’s been some wet days, and none of my stuff got stolen, even better, I never felt so safe in public about my gear, I left my ibook (and other stuff too) on the table as I slept and the last thing I heard, nothing got stolen during the whole conference! So, how about that? It’s been brilliant, the conference, the people, the 24h-tostibar, everything! (and now I’m gonna take a shower ;-))

...and for the last time, I updated the WTH-photogallery, I suggest you check the WhatTheSlideshow!:-)

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  1. foosel @ 1 August 2005, 23:17 :

    I have still to make a picture of all the stuff I got there :) Dont wanna part from my armband yet though, I got damn well used to it the last 4 days *g*

  2. e-Idole @ 1 August 2005, 23:39 :

    Raaahh, I’m jealous :p

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