17 July 2005, 01:10 by mark hoekstra

bets are taken...

How much if I manage to puzzle this keyboard back together? ;-)

click for a bigger version

You may wonder why I did this… well, the keyboard was very filthy (very very filthy… click here for a close-up (be sure you’re not eating anything while viewing this)). And it seemed some keys were not responding like they should all the time(which isn’t a surprise.. I’m surprised I didn’t find a complete dead cat in there), so first I took off one key… and a while later my kitchen table looks like this :-)

Is it a bummer? No, hardly, the price still was right for this ibook (it was dead cheap) and even if I have to pay full Apple-price for a keyboard and a battery it’s still reasonable… but am I gonna do that? Think twice… ;-)

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  1. Tarmas @ 17 July 2005, 19:59 :

    Ummm, dude… Did you, like, shave your legs near this keyboard or something? ;)

  2. mark @ 17 July 2005, 21:13 :

    No no no, I bought it this way… and the owner must’ve had a cat … or very peculiar personal hygiene ;-)

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