27 June 2005, 21:27 by mark hoekstra

FX-57 introduced and then some...

Well… I was just a little too early with my post about an AMD FX-57… (like 3 weeks early while still under NDA)... wooops! ;-)

Anyway, now the FX-57 is officially introduced so here’s a review… correct me, the review, where it’s benchmarked against an AMD dual-core 4200+ and an AMD 3800+... This all happened on my own desk at my work, since that’s the place where these CPU’s where laying :-)

Some additional images:

The testrig:
Coolermaster Stacker-case
600 watt Enermax Noisetaker-PSU
Gigabyte K8NXP-SLI motherboard
2x XFX 6800 Ultra 512MB (yes, twice 512MB)
2×512MB Crucial PC3200
2x Samsung 160GB SATA2 in RAID0

Which results in an out-of-the-box 3DMark 2005-score of 10444 points!

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  1. otto @ 28 June 2005, 16:10 :

    So that entry was removed! I thought I was going nuts.

  2. mark @ 29 June 2005, 01:30 :

    Hahaha, yes… well I really had to remove it temporarily :-)

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