14 June 2005, 19:34 by mark hoekstra

my 2 cents on OS X on x86...

Well… what I hope is happening:

1. There’s a Developer X86-Version of Mac OS X. Well, that’s pretty obvious, what else was Steve Jobs showing on the keynote speech and what else will they be shipping with their Development Kits?
2. Mac hasn’t done anything in protecting this OS X-release, just as they didn’t (copy)protect OS X in anyway for the PowerPC.
3. Apple actually doesn’t mind millions of people who are eager to try OS X on their beige boxes. (Why would they?) But this is people trying out pirate-copies of OS X… So, if you do like it and you want your stuff legal, you still have to buy an Intel-Mac as long as Apple doesn’t sell OS X separate… :-)

Now, that would be pretty neat huh? So, chances are the world is flooded with a brilliant OS in a short while (and let’s be thankful for that alone!) but everyone knows you have an illegal copy just by looking at the box it’s running on…

Still… I first have to see if this is the way Apple means things to go… If it is, they must be playing a brilliant marketingscheme.

Rumour is there’s a torrent floating around, but that’s still only a rumour imho…

Next to that, Mac OS X-screenshots are not that hard to make (for anyone wanting to believe the screenshots of Mac OS X really running on beige boxes…)


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  1. Mulderbean @ 15 June 2005, 16:15 :

    i downloaded a copy a a torrent with tiger x86 and turned out to be a fake. still lookign for the real one but no luck yet.

  2. Dean @ 20 June 2005, 20:07 :

    Am i the only person in the world to know about pearPC? http://pearpc.sourceforge.net

  3. tweaq @ 21 June 2005, 07:17 :

    pearpc still isn’t realtime. its unreliable, buggy, and slow. but still you can technically run osx.

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