11 September 2005, 19:32 by mark hoekstra

How to embroider a skull on an ipod sock...

first, I tried to count the amount of pixels an ipod sock has… In the end it became a 40 pixels wide, 50 pixels high grid .

then of course, I had to draw the skull I wanted on my sock. Luckily, the guys over at hackaday.com have a great skull-logo, so I used that as a basis :-)

Then I needed to come up with a good way of actually embroider this onto the sock… I tried all sort of things, putting a deck of cards in the sock, roll it down a little… aaaargh! This wasn’t looking like I would be doing this in an hour…

So… the next day… still no clever way of embroidering this onto the sock, but winners never quit(ughe ughe) so on y va!

It’s the first stitch! Yeah! everybody! look! (I took it out after this picture, since I couldn’t find a decent way of getting a second stitch in…

So, then I came up with this… A piece of plastic I tailor cut to stretch up the sock horizontally and a piece of tape to stretch it vertically…

Well, looks like a pixelgrid to me, what do you think? :-)

Wow! Now we’re getting somewhere!

...already past the nostrils…

...and even the eyes are taking shape :-)

...almost there…

...and finished!

Even without the stretching of the plastic&tape it looks like a skull to me…

This actually surprised me, this is the inside of the sock and I really thought this would be a mess, but it looks surprisingly tidy to me.

...knotted the loose ends…

...and tada! a skull logo on an ipod sock!

...so, time to get the ipod out. BTW, here you can see I did quite some more customization to my ipod. I have a lanyard on there and a remote control, only thing is, you’ll end up with a bunch of wires, so this is how I put them away :-)

...ladies and gentlemen, ze finished product

...a l33t hax0rs-ipod covered in a one-off skull-logo ipod sock!

but you could, of course, take the pink ipod sock and embroider ‘hello kitty’ on there…

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  1. Trevor Smith @ 13 September 2005, 17:15 :

    Sweet! I was thinking about knitting an entirely new sock for my iPod, but this is a nice quick alternative.


  2. Snaggy @ 13 September 2005, 19:01 :

    For those who can’t sew… we’ve been offering our PodderPouchs with leather skulls sewn on the front for many months…



  3. anon @ 13 September 2005, 23:01 :

    A sock? An iPod? embroidery??!

    not only are you a dork, but you are gay.

  4. anon @ 14 September 2005, 02:12 :

    additional generic homophobic jock comment, author! i am threatened by your positive attitude and helpfulness, and i just couldn’t keep quiet. this is the only place i can truly express myself.

  5. anon @ 14 September 2005, 09:08 :

    That’s hillarious. Cross stitching, cool computer hack? That’s something my mother would do, wait no, grand mother. wow. It wouldn’t be so funny, but that last picture is just awesome, l33t hax0r with his cute little cross stitched sack. Man, I’m dying here.

  6. 2pac @ 15 September 2005, 03:17 :

    Hahahah, thats GANGSTAR sheete!

  7. Trevor smith @ 15 September 2005, 04:25 :


  8. Optic.ghost @ 15 September 2005, 08:01 :

    Umm, Im not too good at embroidery, couldn’t I just pay you for one ?

  9. Small Paul @ 16 September 2005, 16:49 :

    That is so ROCK AND ROLL man I can’t even speak. Small children will FLEE. Women will SCREAM. WITNESS MY LIME GREEN IPOD SOCK OF DEATH AND DEBAUCHERY.

  10. minxlj @ 20 September 2005, 22:58 :

    That is just TOO cool – I love it!

  11. impala66john @ 25 September 2005, 02:26 :

    This site has made me laugh harder than i have in moths thank!!!!!!!!

  12. impala66john @ 25 September 2005, 02:27 :

    And I can not even spell months

  13. nate @ 11 October 2005, 21:22 :

    um yeah im going to do that but cool

  14. nrrdgrrl @ 10 January 2006, 12:48 :

    interesting how scary needlework is to those umm, real men out there. remember guys, the harder you scream the more you have to hide.

    anyway mark, very clever to put the plastic in for stretching and avoiding to stitch front and back together. the classic way of doing it is… by putting your other hand in. this looks a lot smarter.

    if you ever feel like showing off, donating advice or just cool geeks to chat with irl, go check out a stitch ‘n bitch meeting. they’ll welcome you. and others. http://stitchnbitch.pagina.nl/

  15. oksana @ 14 January 2006, 08:34 :

    That’s really nifty!! Now why is knowing how to sew, etc. such a crime for a male? It’s a very useful skill to know and, considering the general public’s negative attitude about it, shows that one is not pretentious and does not give a rat’s ass what other people think of him.

    Aaron-women will run from -you because of your homophobic and just everything-phobic attitude :)

    -avid scarf knitter

  16. Mellos @ 12 April 2006, 09:24 :

    I think it kicks ass. Good on you mate – hot green too!

  17. Taryn @ 27 June 2006, 22:46 :

    Dude, there are alot of hot crafter chicks out there who’d love a guy who knows a thing or two about sewing. That’s so far from being gay, in fact, it’ll get you chicks, not repell them!

    btw, very awsome skull.

  18. Marieke @ 8 September 2006, 22:57 :

    Right on, I like the dynamo generator too!

    By the by, as I woman I’ve always enjoyed a man who can work with his hands!! especially on small delicate things.

  19. diablokof @ 8 November 2006, 16:37 :

    sometimes is better do it by urself than buy a expensive case…
    customized socks rocks.

  20. nick @ 12 November 2006, 08:51 :

    gay qeer bait i think thats a gaypride case

  21. Kayleigh @ 6 January 2007, 13:27 :

    Wow!! dude as a chick i think dats awsome U rock

  22. phil @ 13 May 2007, 00:15 :

    wow cool sock, ok gonna make u jelous lol,(not bout my perfect spelling tho lol)

    i have known how to embroder since i was 7 , ma gran taught me she died i got all her kit , thats alot of stuff, now im doing a A4 size fully filled celtic dragon with border and filling the whole thing thast alot of time, i been at it for roughly 70 hours now and im no wee nere don lol, and i want it done for nvemebr cos im sendin it to ma friend in mexico, (ok gf) embrodery is such a usfull skill for gift ideas, just bvery time consuming contact me an ill send u a pik of t so far

  23. O-o;womg;frogs @ 7 July 2007, 10:38 :

    womg~ thats awesome!! I envy you XD and though I find sewing Painful and Agrivating to the point of Destroying many little shops filled with yarn and threads…I still love how you can make intricate little designs out of them …er…stringies! XD shazzam~ OH O_O: I forgot! because I dont potentially own… and iPod…or Ever will…because I find it really annoying with the controlly switchy thing…I still reallly like the iPod Sock XD its just awesome beyond reason and…grawr!~ lol I made a hot air balloon once with my mom before she died XD it was fun..but I skrewed up! It looked like a deflated balloon, or a pancake! Which ever one comes first! The hand eye co-ordination it must take to do that. Meh! I’ll just stick to uhh thinks uhh thinks harder :D I’ll just keep drawing there haha! and…reading…and…yeah! Keep up the awesome little activities of …the sewing ability of ebil.!

    ——> o[!!]o

  24. Luigi @ 13 October 2007, 15:51 :

    Very cool :-)

  25. betsy @ 16 December 2007, 08:35 :

    i think this is totally cool! I now have a cool gift for my kids.

  26. Taylor Hay @ 21 September 2008, 01:04 :

    You will be missed Mark

    Rest in peace buddy

  27. smoosa @ 30 March 2009, 21:20 :

    he died?

  28. Calciferous @ 22 January 2010, 09:54 :

    Wow, really cool. An ipod sock keeps the ipod from being scratched or getting grungy.

    Don’t see why everyone is making such a big deal about this saying that this is gay and shit.

    The color of the sock is a little bright for my liking and you definitely shouldn’t wear ipod’s like a necklace, but pretty cool sock case and decal. If the color of the sock was black it would look like a pirate sail.

    Time to make my own ipod sock.

  29. Amy @ 28 March 2010, 23:07 :

    I’m a girl and I think that’s so cool. Those guys are just threatened because you’re obviously good with your hands ;) I bet everyone asks about it and now I want to do the same thing! I just dunno what design to pick!

  30. Awesomo @ 18 May 2010, 22:01 :

    Hey dude. I was searching Google on how to embroider because I’m trying to sew some lightning bolts on an old work shirt I have, but you’ve given me a new project! Awesome stuff! Real men sew!

  31. Sewing Machines for Beginners @ 19 June 2010, 08:49 :

    My son actually found this and asked if I could make it for him! He’s always hunting for anything with a skull pattern to go with his Skull Candy headphones and iPod. Very cool!

  32. battery @ 4 September 2010, 09:20 :

    By the by, as I woman I’ve always enjoyed a man who can work with his hands!! especially on small delicate things.

  33. Erssie @ 29 October 2010, 03:50 :

    I design free charts for knitting, crochet and stitching…and you or anyone else is more than welcome to download one for such a purpose as a custom I-Pod sock…..
    See more of them here

    I even do a free chart of the week every week and take custom orders…...just want to spread that loving skully feeling….your embroidery is so cool, I knit pagan and skully stuff, but cannot sew….yet.

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