Guess what? it’s a guestbook!

so make me happy and place a comment


  • su610 @ 28 May 2007, 01:23 :

    Hi Mark!

    Saluti dall’ Italia

    Ciao ciao….

  • markie @ 5 May 2007, 03:01 :

    ...and guess what, since I now got Captcha image verification on the comments, I guess I can open the guestbook again! guestbook away!

  • markie @ 29 June 2006, 02:13 :

    I closed the guestbook for now. It was being spammed in a major way the last couple of weeks and I have to find some spamproof solution for that. In the mean time you can always comment on any other post on this site (those seem quite spamproof somehow) or if you really insist, send me an email with your guestbook-entry and I’ll place it here manually… I can be reached on mark[at]geektechnique[dot]org



  • geert @ 23 May 2006, 23:32 :


  • Evan G. @ 16 May 2006, 22:37 :

    Dear Mark,
    I dont know if you receive posts that are left on your blog entries so I figure I’ll leave one here just in case. You seem like the absolute genius that would be able to convert some solar yard lights and some other random stuff into a solar iPod charger. Let me know if you think of anything. Thanks man and keep on writing!

    -Evan G.

  • baron @ 27 April 2006, 19:29 :

    How do you do,I’m “Baron” from Japan.I am glad to find you who are doing that it is the same as that of me.

    please do your best from now on and challenge delightful various things.
    Bye !!

  • Karthik B @ 27 April 2006, 15:42 :

    Is there a chance to convert a nokia mobile charger to a ipod charger?

  • Franco Filiberti @ 23 March 2006, 00:41 :

    Hi Mark!

    I from Argentina, and follow your blog every day, i like your projects and have similar stuff and hobbies.
    Saludos :)

  • trail @ 7 February 2006, 19:40 :

    Hey Mark,

    ik heb je advies nodig kun je contact met me opnemen ?

    ik moet een 19” superserver bouwen die veel meer cpukracht als mn huidige 2.8 heeft. maar ben nie meer zo op de hoogte van de ontwikkelingen.. of xeon nou beter is of opteron.. geen id.. wat jij?
    Mn ICQ doet het nog steeds hoor.. 1496643 en me msn ook.. zelfde als me email maar dan op hotmail..


  • BOK @ 9 January 2006, 23:35 :

    I spent a great deal of my evening browsing your pages (as you might have seen in httpd-acces.log ;-)

    Prachtig werk, Mark! Maar die server in Selwerd op poort 81 is er niet…

    nee, die server in Selwerd is uiteindelijk deze nu in het Bardeen datahotel geworden :-) Je bent aardig diep in de archieven gedoken als je die adressen bent tegengekomen denk ik :-) ik heb ooit geautomatiseerd een poging gedaan al die adressen om te zetten, maar dan weet je, er blijven er genoeg staan... :-)

    FYI, in eerdere instantie was dit een forward-domeinnaam, goedkope service in de US en als je dan intypte werd je geredirect naar , tegenwoordig is de domeinnaam wel 'echt' (weet even niet hoe ik het anders moet zeggen) hij resolved zelfs terug naar, how chique is that? :D

As mentioned in the Message from Mark's family this site has been made static. This means that it will be no longer possible to comment on his ideas and projects, but that we all can continue to cherish his creativity.