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  • stan @ 4 August 2008, 16:21 :

    Thanks for the info. But i just want to ask. I would like to set up a custom made security camera for my room do you have any suggestions.

  • Tim @ 24 July 2008, 17:44 :

    Hope you havnt given up on the adapter, is there any progress on this?
    would love a few of those

  • Brendan @ 2 June 2008, 23:07 :

    Hey Mark, I just have a quick question. You live in the Netherlands but do you smoke marijuana? That question has been bugging me for a while now, just thought I would ask.

    mark: haha, well, i can be quick about that. i never do that.

  • Les Garwood @ 29 April 2008, 06:04 :


    Great site. I got here from “Hack A Day”. I was looking for the hack by Eliot Phillip, for the Playstation II he made. He made a biofeedback hack that I am VERY interested in. Unfortunately, the link to the original article is dead, dead, dead.
    I’m hoping very much that you might have saved the article and could send it to me? I’ve tried to find Phillips but haven’t been able to so far. If you have a way to do that, I’d like to know it too.

    Thanks for your time


  • Bill @ 13 March 2008, 04:09 :

    Thanks for the ipod mini info.. it saved another ipod.. bought a 8gb cf card works perfect..

    you ROCK


  • jason @ 15 February 2008, 23:53 :

    Hey Mark. I just wanted to say that I really enjoye looking at your website repeatedly over the last few months, I love your applications of recycling old components for use in different ways, and share your admiration for the rat bike look. You have inspired me to start some electronics projects of my own. Keep up the great work! If you are ever in Scotland, drop me a line!

  • Azriel @ 3 February 2008, 23:58 :

    hello! Very interesting projects!! as it just occurred to me that i could maybe set up my stationary bike to produce power is there any way i could get it to run a small laptop? i figure as much damn time as i spend on my pc, i could rig the stationary bike so i could lose weight and play with my PC at the same time! seems like a happy medium.

    42. nope. it isn’t actually the answer the “THE QUESTION” but it’s close. the gods of chaos like to screw with human minds. it amuses them. so they purposefully set the number wrong. just to mess with us. :D Cheers! Azriel

  • Schuyler @ 21 January 2008, 23:44 :

    sweet ideas-
    So my ipod mini is getting old and cranky-I’m gonna order a new battery, and after reading your stuff I think I’m gonna get a compact flash card as well-
    I took a look at the PEAK flash memory, however it was pretty expensive-so I shopped around and came up with this:

    do you think it will work?

  • David @ 19 January 2008, 03:25 :

    Thanks for putting this artical on the web. My Daughters mini died and she was so upset she doesn’t like the new nano’s and when I told her if we sent her mini in for repair it wouldn’t be the same one to come back plus the cost was prohibitive. I just completed the upgrade using the SanDisk Ultra II 4GB and it works like a charm. She will be thrilled. Thanks so much

  • Nick @ 14 January 2008, 02:08 :

    I’ve been looking through your projects and you seem very creative, I was wondering whether you would have an idea on what to make out of several pieces of styrofoam. They’re irregular shapes from a a package I received a while ago. I’ve had it lying around and the only thing I could think of was to make some sort of sculpture/ipod touch dock out of it.

As mentioned in the Message from Mark's family this site has been made static. This means that it will be no longer possible to comment on his ideas and projects, but that we all can continue to cherish his creativity.