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  • Ferret-Simpson @ 1 January 2006, 16:34 :

    hmm. . Just looking at Via boards on in the shop. the 12000 would make a good wardrive box. . Also, You should check out the Nokia Medallion 1. Sweet-ass geekchique. I’m getting one.

  • goat @ 16 December 2005, 07:38 :

    You should finish your hinv list, I would love to see ALL of your stuff!!

  • Marco Vonk @ 7 December 2005, 09:12 :

    Leuke site, maar ik vind het vervelend dat je hem specifiek voor Mozilla Firefox gemaakt hebt en dat nog aankondigt ook bovenin het scherm. Was het juist niet de bedoeling van om site’s geschikt te maken voor alle browsers? Dus niet alleen Internet Explorer, maar ook Mozilla Firefox? Nu ga jij dus radicaal de andere kant op!

    No offence, maar ik heb gemerkt dat m'n site soms in IE (en IE-only) raar doet... Ik heb 'm niet specifiek voor Firefox gemaakt, dat is alleen de enige browser waarmee ik het check. M.b.t. anybrowser... daar zit wel wat in, het zou alleen ook helpen als IE zich aan standaarden hield. :D Hoe dan ook, waarom IE gebruiken als er FF is? Echt, ik kan geen reden verzinnen... (maar nu doe ik ook niet hard m'n best hahaha)

  • Mike L. @ 6 December 2005, 21:06 :

    Hey Mark,

    Love the site. I actually check this site more than Hack a day. later – Mike

  • Michael Green @ 6 December 2005, 19:56 :

    Awesome! I will link to your site about the bicycle powered ipod charger. Checkout my 2 sites,

  • Ronn @ 24 November 2005, 01:26 :

    thermal web cam not cost effective..33000.00 .please check out this link and look at the photo of the dog.

    Can I make a infra red web cam look like the pix in the link… any info or thoughts would be a great help

  • Ronn @ 23 November 2005, 18:30 :

    I need to set up a thermal web cam to catch our ghost, is this possible?

    what to use? Feel free to e-mail me.Thanks, Ronn

  • michael @ 16 November 2005, 19:35 :

    Great site, really like some of your old projects! also you have so many machines! do you have them all networked together? if so, any chance of a diagram/picture, would be insteresting to see?!

    righty, you got it... a networkdiagram is on my todo-list... and old one can be found here btw...

  • nijne @ 27 October 2005, 01:29 :

    god you rock :D:D:D:D


    geekfrenzy soon?


  • niotic @ 14 October 2005, 17:16 :

    AMAZING you are creative ever thought of working for apple to make new creations I am pretty amazed by your innovations and your patience and kindness to share with us your creations, perhaps one day that sexy geek girl will have her circuits blown up and away and fall for you just like windows fails many of us good luck keep interesting us PLEASE

As mentioned in the Message from Mark's family this site has been made static. This means that it will be no longer possible to comment on his ideas and projects, but that we all can continue to cherish his creativity.