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  • AJ @ 2 September 2007, 09:21 :


    hope you will SOON show us HOW TO work / tweak
    the LG phones with Verizon.
    tutorials: on how to log on to the wifi features and hop on to the web etc…

  • Jim @ 25 August 2007, 16:20 :

    Hi Mark, I’ve spent ages reading your stuff and wanted to congratulate you on your work. I have an old iPod Mini that is now going to get a make-over thanks to you!

    All the best, Jim

  • Jon @ 24 July 2007, 20:58 :

    Hi, really enjoy your blog, tried out the IR cam, worked great. Was wondering if you or anyone you have seen online has ever trying to mod an epson to print directly onto fabric such as T-shirts. I have tried but failed. I know there are some for sell by different vendors, but for over $400 i figured i would try myself. I seem to have a probs with the gears. Anyways, keep blogging.

  • TweeMeterPeter @ 22 July 2007, 00:44 :

    Hi Mark,
    Leuke dingen doe je! Inspirerend.
    Ik heb zelf de mac se 30 hack gedaan. 2X met super resultaat.
    Vraag: is er een kans dat ik schok krijg van de kabels die ik naar buiten heb geleid? In beide gevallen zijn dat alleen de kabels die van de crt af komen (niet van het moerderboard). Ik ben zelf niet zo’n electro techie! ;).
    cheers, keep up the good work,

  • Adriana @ 7 July 2007, 06:35 :

    hi. i just wanted to say that i enjoy reading your blog and i always check it out to see what you’ve been up to and although my boyfriend wont like this i have to say that if i was available i would totally be all over you. keep up the good work.

  • Kees van Slobbe @ 2 July 2007, 18:09 :

    Hallo Mark,
    Ik zou graag onderweg mijn pocket pc willen opladen met mijn continu stroom leverende dynamo in het voorwiel. De input van de PPC is 5V en 1A en mijn dynamo levert 6V en 2,4W Kan jij mij uitleggen hoe ik dit moet aanpakken? Ik heb destijds iemand onderweg gesproken die dit ook had gerealiseerd, maar ben vergeten de details te vragen. Helaas is mijn Engels niet zo goed, dus graag in Hollands eventuele tekst en uitleg. Ik ben al bij verschillende electronicazaken geweest maar men wil of kan mij daarmee niet helpen. vandaar mijn vraag langs deze weg. Ik vind de website byzonder interessant, vandaar dat ik de vrijheid neem je dit langs deze weg te vtragen. Maar misschien weet je een adres waar ik dit zo kan laten maken?
    Bijvoorbaat dank, Kees van Slobbe.

  • MattOz @ 30 June 2007, 13:32 :

    Hi guy !
    From a french guy in Australia, I tell you that your website is great ! very cool mods and all the time with fun :-) Waiting for real mods with iPhone with 80Go, color case, GPS add-on, etc. :-)

  • TopTip @ 15 June 2007, 20:12 :

    I tried the mini iPod CF hack and it worked great (with a cheap Kingston 8GB card). Question: have you or anyone tried instead using a CF/SD card adapter (or even a CF MagicStick adapter)? What I am thinking is, since those cards are thin and small, I can make a slot on the side of the mini and swap cards with out opening again.

    Great job!

  • jaycee @ 7 June 2007, 22:42 :

    hey dude, congrats on the 1 year up time. been an avid vistor since you did that mad article about the ipod bike dynamo, go green power! anyways i was just wondering how you got the glass screen out your mini, ive been trying to figure it out for the past couple of day and havent come up with anything that can do it without damaging it. keep up the hacks!

  • AnticoP @ 30 May 2007, 19:44 :

    Bel router ^^

As mentioned in the Message from Mark's family this site has been made static. This means that it will be no longer possible to comment on his ideas and projects, but that we all can continue to cherish his creativity.