25 August 2008, 00:33 by mark hoekstra


Here’s a list of my past projects. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, I suggest you try the search on the right or my archive.

Let’s start with all the iPod madness… ^_^

iPod 1G/2G/3G/4G:

put flash memory into (almost) ANY iPod!

iPod mini related:

part one:
how to turn your iPod mini into a flash based iPod

part two:
flash based iPod, now up to 8GB!

part three:
the iPod mini remastered, now with 16GB!

and there’s an addendum:
battery life on the flash based iPod minis


paint it black: the iPhone

other iPhone projects, slightly related:

iPhone sock
iNoPhone nada headset

project iNO


iNoPhone. A guided tour.


iNoPhone nada headset

geek chique: how to make cuff links

DIY obsolete iBook logic board repair

How-to make Mac SE/30 audio visualizers

How-to embroider a skull on an ipod sock

How-to hand crank charge your ipod

How-to make a bike charger for your ipod!

How-to make a cheap submersible webcam

How-to turn an Amiga 500 into a lamp

getting to grips with OSx86

How-to DIY Das iBook Keyboard

How-to turn a digital camera into an IR-camera

DIY Airport (for that old iBook)

getting your eMate wireless…

making a $100 laptop for $75! ...sort of…

Painting my iBook…

How to turn an Indy into a dedicated webcam


use an Indy as a diskless network MP3 player

and there’s an update to this project:

the Indy now scrobbles to last.fm!

project encrypted fileserver


How to build a fully encrypted NAS on OpenBSD

project Mac(Monitor) Mod

project SGI320-casemod


unrelated, but I had to put it somewhere ;-)

my dreamcar list


Inside Microsoft Hardware
SoundStorm: obsolete but hard to beat
Pecha Kucha takes over Holland on pingmag.jp

other/older/unfinished/insignificant stuff

...RFID racket reader
...how-to make a 2-player SNES of your iBook
...LED throwie bike lighting
...DIY media center extender
...minimalistic no-cost iBook-sleeve
...how-to make a blue led mouse
...dual nocona
...videocard blues
...picking up some old Suns
...modding the CoolerMaster E3W-NPTXS-04
...another dual Xeon…
...modding IDE-disks into the Intel SR2300-chassis
...getting to grips with a Cisco
...getting to grips with the bling-bling X15e HTPC-case
...calibrating my Sony Video Projection system
...getting telnet on my Palm
...modding a Palm III with rechargeable batteries
...making speakercables out of CAT5
...putting a Helmut Newton photograph on my wall
...putting together a new router
...using Playstation Dualshock-controllers on a PC
...using a PS One-display as a videomonitor
...adjusting an Iiyama CRT
...adjusting an Iiyama CRT (part 2)
...moving my junk
...getting to grips with a 20 euro SGI Indy
...picking up a SGI Origin 200
...getting to grips with a SGI Origin 200
...a new processeur d’ambiance numerique
...first try-out with my Dremel

even older stuff

Chipping a Mac LC475
Networking a Classic II
Networking a Classic II
...tonight is… VAX-night!
Getting A/UX on the Quadra 800
Getting linux on the SUN Javastation


             you can find all of my projects overhere