14 August 2005, 15:48 by mark hoekstra

OS X(eon)², not quite yet

Well, of course I had to try the floating-all-over-the-internet OS X86-image. For several reasons… to see if it’s not a hoax or such and to see what I have to do to get it running on my dual Xeon workstation….

Well, here we go, on y va!

click the picture to get a larger version

The test-setup of this afternoon… my workstation, ibook for surfing for additional info and I put a 2nd disk in my workstation, solely for OS X…

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Hmmz… how nice, a Mac-screen of death… I booted several times, also in verbose mode and it seems this Darwin-kernel doesn’t recognize my Xeon(s)...

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Then I thought, let’s put the bootdisk on my Media Center (Athlon XP 2800+) but not much luck there either… I didn’t put much time in this, since I wouldn’t have a use at this moment to have OS X there :-)

click the picture to get a larger version

I wanted to be able to make alterations to the image, but I can’t mount it on my linux-workstation somehow (maybe with a kernelcompile, I don’t know), but I thought, let’s try this disk as a USB-disk on my ibook and tada! that seems to work!

click the picture to get a larger version

Here you can see that the ibook can see the OSX86-bootdisk, so now I have to find a Darwin-kernel which will like my Xeons and then I can continue…

So… I’m glad I have the tools, as it seems, to do some work on this OS X on X86-thing, now I only need the time and additional information… I guess I have to read my way into Darwin/OpenDarwin and such…

...to be continued…

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