...tonight is VAXnight! ;-)

Well, the other day I got my VAX-boxen, a lot of them... But it annoyed me
I couldn't do anything with it instantly, so I decided to take the
VAXstation apart, check what it's doing and what not. Eventually I
ended up cleaning it out, swapping PSU's with a Storage Cabinet,
cause the fans didn't work in the VAX itself(maybe that's why they
trashed it?), soldering six wires to the motherboard, for instant serial
access... cause I didn't have a Digital MMJ-connector... Now it's equipped with
a Sun serial ;-) Anyway, a few hours later(between the 1st pic and the
last is 2.5 hours...) I've got a working VAX, hooked up to my favourite terminal!!!

(c) 2003 Mark