Muenchen Goodies ;-)

w00t! a binary clock gotten from the company which is printed on it...

...but since the people I met came from Redmond USA, the clock was intended for use on a 60Hz 120V wall outlet, and I don't have that...

so... I searched for some suitable adapters and first I tried a 9 volt one, but since the leds were quite bright and this model I got doesn't have a dim-button, I decided to try a 7.5 volt also and it works! It turned out however that the clock thought it was on 60Hz still and counted the seconds wrong (a minute on the clock took about 1:11). In the end the clock can be changed in its behaviour by holding one or two buttons on the back while plugging it in and holding the only two buttons on the back brings it in 24 hour-mode *and* counting 50Hz instead of 60 :-)

...Since I was busy modifying the clocks behaviour I thought I could also spraypaint the clock as well :-)

and for those of you who think it's hard to read, this is how you do it

The nice guys from Redmond also gave me a miniature Media Center remote control :-) combined with my PSone display, I now have a miniature Media Center 2005 on my desk :-)

...which looks like this from a distance...

And I really need it, cause it takes a massive *turn around* elseway to see my Media Center :-)

Oh! and I did buy a souvenir also :-) When I was drinking a cola on a terrace on the Marienplatz, I thought this was a funny glass and I bought it (really! I didn't nick it, they charged 2 euro for the glass which is very reasonable imho)

(c) 2004 mark