Indy Blues

This is the system I bought a few days ago and all seemed to go well in the beginning... I bought it cheap, it said to have a borked videocard... I thought, get rid of it and just install it like I'm used to. Hook up my favourite serial terminal(the mac) and go!

It seemed pretty promising, but just after this photo was taken I couldn't get anything else out of it's serial port anymore??? I still don't have a clue what happened.

Anyway, after several tryouts with several serial cables, I thought I just have a go at the borked video... and indeed it *was* borked...

the setup, with a 'new' disk installed and the original on top...

...and the winner of the day, my homemade 13W3<->VGA-adapter :-)

Look what happened after I chose 'run diagnostics' in the main menu... it automagically 'repaired' the video! Is that great or what? :-) (also notice it's the top video-option for an Indy, the GR3-XZ :-), what a deal huh?)

...implementing the 'new' 9GB disk

BTW, this is my first SGI which actually has graphics... (no joke)

...the setup for the night...

Case closed!

...after the installation :-) BTW, I installed IRIX 5.3 (which came with the machine, very nice!). I also have an original copy of IRIX 6.5 but this seemed a more sane option... 100MHz still is only 100MHz ;-)

...and me holding my thumb up (just clicking camera and getting an image is somewhat surprising when you have installed cameras on PCs before :-))

...and the Indycam!

(c) 2004 mark