cleaning/adjusting my 20 year old CRT-beamer

So, this is what it looks like underneath... packed with ancient technology, don't you just love that? ;-)

I use these papers to be able to adjust one 'cannon' at a time, no joke.

From a distance and I've got a lens in my hand, geez these are heavy lenses

Wow, too bad I don't have connections over at CSI... then they could've estimated when this fly has died... was it 1984 or anytime sooner? ;-)

With the lens removed, I got a good look at the actual CRT. This is my first CRT-beamer, but I can't see any wear and/or tear?

This is the XP Media Center aquarium screensaver, filtered on the blue CRT and mirrored ;-)

Same with flash... still, I don't see any wear or tear, you?

Well, after fiddlin' a little with these...

my fish look fresher than ever!

and of course, my new addiction, NFSU2!

So, what does your Favourite Geek[tm] think of all this? Thumbs up! (if he hadn't had a PS2-controller in his hands that is)

(c) 2004 mark